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I'm trying to uninstall iTunes from Windows XP. I went to the Adding and Removing Programs window, but there is no button to remove iTunes. Help?
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  1. Download revo uninstaller, and uninstall it. Then do a moderate search to search and remove leftover registry traces.
  2. no, don't worry. It just didn't tell me I needed admin priviledges!
  3. Yep. To make most any system changes, you need admin rights.
  4. I have struggled for a while. I have used this tool (free and norton checked for viruses).


    I have searched and searched the internet for solutions on how to remove iTunes from my computers. The message that my computers always gave me was to insert the install disk to complete the uninstall of iTunes. As many of you are aware, many desktop computers that had Windows XP did not come with restore disks as the new windows platform do. Finally after seeing Sandeep's reply, I tried it. I had nothing to lose since I had tried everything else.

    IT DOES WORK! My HP Desktop completely removed the corrupt iTunes program within 5 minutes and I was able to install the version of iTunes

    Hats off to Sandeep and his post!


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