Idle temps of 60-70 What's the culprit?

Hi, this is my first post and first POST for me since this is my first build.

I just put together a build in a full tower? Lian Li case (I don't know the exact model) with and Intel e2180 with stock hsf on an evga nvidia 590i ultra board.
I've tried a similar setup in another case with a different mobo just to try to isolate the problem, and no matter what I do, I seem to have IDLE temps ranging from the mid 50s to OVER 100c!!! What am I doing wrong here????

Do you think I have a defective cpu/hsf? Or am I missing something altogether with cooling, Like I said this is my first build so I could definitely have overlooked something simple, but as far as I can tell I've done everything ok. There's just the right amount of thermal paste, 3 80mm fans in the case, and adequate airflow (at least I think)

Please help me out! Thanks!
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  1. Sometimes specially when using a Intel stock cooler the push pins look like they are in but they aren't totally in. Thats are the most common cause of issues like this.
  2. Stock Intel coolers have the worst mounting system ever invented. Odds are, it is not properly mounted. Remove, clean and reinstall the Hs and your temp problems should disappear. If you can afford a different cooler, I would highly recommend it.
  3. HSF problem. Check carefully. And if you're missed thermal paste...put some on.
  4. Leave the HS on, but disconnect everything, to take the MB out of the case. Look on the back. The pins should look like:

    You will need to turn the knobs in the arrow it's pointing, then pull up to uninstall the HS.

    On a side note, you will need to clean off the thermal grease, and apply new thermal grease of your choice, and apply it with the instructions they give.

    To reinstall it, you will need to turn the black nobs the opposite of the arrows first. Then I'd recommend pushing the pin that maybe the hardest to get on, first.

    Here's a video to watch as well.

    Intel 775 CPU Install and Uninstall
  5. i loathe intel stock hsf.
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