Winxp/win2k3 login problems

hey all

so, i can't belieive that i'm in THIS position, but...

so, i'm now the admin for a WinSrvr2k3SP2 system and i've gotten into a pickle.

i had not yet set up Remote Desktop and the person with the keys to the closet where it is at has disappeared suddenly and now i can't log in!

i have the LAN and i have admin accounts all over the place, but no where that i can get to one at a console. being a unix box admin "for real", i didn't even think about not having access. ug.

so, how can i log in to the host? i'd ssh or use my xterm if this was any "normal" system. :-)

-fitch <>

(i'll get an email also as responses are posted here. thx.)
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  2. Use a crowbar. You're going to need to access the physical hardware sooner or later.
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