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I recently had to reinstall the OS on a Dell Inspiron 130. I went to the Dell website and installed the network adapter drivers along with the wireless adapter drivers. The computer can now log on wirelessly but it will not respond to a hard wired ethernet cable. If I go into device manager it says there is no driver installed for the ethernet controller. Im sure this is the problem but I dont know how to fix it. According to Dells website I have installed all critical drivers......

any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :heink:
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  1. How did you install the driver for the wired network connection? Usually, you go to the device manager, right click on the device, select update driver and browse to the folder that contains the driver. Also, most Dells have the Dell System Recovery software installed that allows you to set Windows back to the way the computer shipped from Dell and they also have a driver cd.

  2. run windows update and look for a hardware update for your ethernet controller.
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