help me pick a case

I am currently on the fence btwn these 2 cases

Coolermaster Centurion 590

I can get it for $65 w/ free shipping

and this 1

Thermaltake SopranoRS VG7000BWS

I can get it for $52 in store

If you have another suggestion for a case around the same price (including shipping) that would be better than both of those please post it.

My other components are:



XFX PVT96GYDF4 GeForce 9600 GT 512MB

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500AAKS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s

Thank you to any1 who helps.
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  1. The Centurion has 2 fans, the Soprano only one. I'd get the Centurion.
  2. Ya i noticed that too.

    If i do get the centurion, do you think i should get more fans or should the 2 120mm fans be enough?
  3. I think 2 are enough with that video card, it's not that demanding.

    Check these out too:

    Whatever you buy, check if the 9600gt fits. I'll let you do that yourself. Sorry, gotta go to sleep now, it's 1am here.
  4. Couldn't help but notice the Antec 900 has a whooper rebate just now: :sol:

  5. geez 79$ for the 900. what a steal.
  6. +1 Sorry I missed it, my search filter was looking only between $50 and $75 :)
  7. +1 for the antec 300 its like the 900 but not ugly and it the 300 has fan filters and cable management so much cleaner and tidier you just have to pick up at least one fan for intake but otherwise it has 2 outtake tri speed adjustable fans. trust me you won't regret it its much more sleek and not taky.
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