Keeping 4:3 aspect ratio in games on wide resolutions?


I would like to play an older game(Warcraft 3) on a widescreen monitor, but the image gets stretched. I have seen the option on nVidia cards to keep a game's native aspect ratio. This makes appropriate black borders on either side of the game to keep it 4:3 on a 16:10 monitor.

Now here is my question: How do you do this with ATI cards? I can't seem to find an option for it.

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  1. Also, I found the option in my nvidia card's driver menu, but it doesn't work. My vx1940w monitor keeps stretching it no matter what I set in the drivers. Any way to make this work without having to use my monitor's osd options every time I want to play WC3.
  2. my question is how do you do it on nvidia cards?
  3. Nvidia control panel->display->change flat panel scaling
  4. On my widescreen laptop I've done it and it works. Go to:

    CCC>>Notebook Panel Properties>>Attributes>>Panel Settings>>Scale Image - Maintain Aspect Ratio

    That works for me. Though, because this is a laptop it has a weird version of CCC, so I don't know if that will work for everyone.
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