Can't open windows components

when I click on add/remove windows
components I get a pop up window
that says "set up library msdtcstp.dll could not be loaded
or function OcEntry could not be
found. error code 0x7e." can anyone shed some light on this
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  1. Hey Broo!


    What is msdtcstp.dll?


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    Windows Process Description:

    The Microsoft DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator) by Microsoft Corporation is a service that is coupled with COM+ (Component Object Model+), another product by Microsoft Corporation. MSDTC usually works with COM and .NET architectures. The msdtcstp.dll module makes it possible to make a transaction span multiple computers by making a transaction ID, obtaining resources, and managing transaction-related communications.

    The transaction's protection is extended to a resource whenever the module msdtcstp.dll enlists a resource. COM+ is responsible for directing DTC as per the need of an application. COM+ is a term that falls under the COM platform. COM can be used to allow interprocess communication and object creation using any programming language that is able to support the application. Microsoft DTC and its associate, the msdtcstp.dll file is available for Windows 2000 and later, and for Windows Server 2003 and Windows NT 4.0.

    An updated version of the msdtcstp.dll file must be obtained in order to fix bugs that plague Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. These bugs can be fixed using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Ms DTC Hotfix Rollup Package 13. Also, if the user happens to open the Windows defragmenter and a message appears saying: 'Setup library msdtcstp.dll could not be loaded', or 'Function OcEntry could not be found.

    In instances like this, it is suggested that users contact their system administrator. The specific error code is 0x7e', the user just needs to restore or re-register the msdtcstop.dll module and the problem would be resolved.

    The msdtcstp.dll module has two latest versions: v2001.12.4414.42 and v2001.12.6930.16386. The first version is for Windows XP Home up to service pack 2, and Windows XP Professional up to service pack 2 with updates.

    Author: Microsoft Corporation

    Author URL: http://

    Part Of: Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

    Memory Usage: Low

    Associated Applications: Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator, COM+

    Background DLL: Yes

    Uses Network: Yes

    Hardware Related: No

    Common Path: c:\ windows\ system32\ migwiz\ dlmanifests\ Microsoft-windows-com-dtc-setup-dll\ msdtcstp.dll

    DLL Version: 2001.12.4414.42, 2001.12.6930.16386

    -->> To solve this, only delete msdtcstp.dll (c:\windows\system32\setup) and install or re-install the last Service Pack (3) for Windows XP

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