i configured 4 sata hard disk using raid 0,1 on domain controller but i want to know if hard disk fails to load how to get mirrored volume
please help me
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  1. Look at your motherboard manual on how to rebuild a failed array.

    RAID 1 carries less risk when run on a motherboard RAID controller than RAID 0 does. Further, the implementation of RAID 1 is usually such that the drives can be used outside the RAID 1 if it breaks. In other words, if your motherboard dies, you can generally take one of the drives of the RAID 1 and put it in another computer by itself, and read your data like normal.

    The Raid Migration Adventure

  2. Don't connect both disks as bare disks though. Windows might see none of them, because they share the same unique number; windows will panic. So if you ever break the RAID between these two drives, only connect one of the drive at a time.
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