Vista white screen needs help

Hi, so I am trying to fix a computer for a friend that acts all wierd.

The problem: White screen on startup
- When I start the computer it takes a while, then for a short moment I see the desktop and then I get a white screen. The screen has a working mouse pointer. The pointer indicates that for a while the computer is working, then it becomes a normal "arrow" pointer.
- I can ctrl+alt+del and then start the task manager, it is however not useable as it is hidden behind the white scree.
- I cannot alt + tab, there are no frames to tab to.
- If I start the computer in safe mode it either ends up with a black screen (stating that it is in safe mode, though with no interface) or it KEEPS RESTARTING! As soon as I see the interface it shuts down and start anew.
- I cannot reset he system to an earlier date, it claims there are no earlier dates to go back to.
- I cannot fix it with the vista CDs as they cannot find any issues.

Last thing the owner of the computer remembers doing was update adobe reader, then 5 min later as he was ordering some tickets on he web it crashed.

I have tested the hardware and found no issue, memory and Hds are fine.

The computer has 4Ram and no heavy programs running, it should have more than enough resources as far as I can see. It is only used for surfing the web and basic text editing.
It is a HP computer with CPU Duo E7400 2,8Gh about 5 years old or so (At least as far as he can recollect) :)

Anyone out thre who can offer some advice on the matter? I am really trying to avoid reformatting as is his wish...also he lacks the software so it will take some work ;)

He runs AVG anti virus

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  1. Faulty PSU perhaps?
  2. Not a bad idea, still it appears to be a virus....that sucks. AVG even detected two instances of infection in the recovery partition so I guess the system is lost. Need all new software.

    Thanks for the help though!
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