GA-EP43-DS3L... screen goes blank soon after boot

I'm using my GA-EP43-DS3L mobo with a Sapphire 4870x2 and 650W Croshair PSU. After about 1-15min of use my screen goes blank, some/all fans start spinning at full speed (not sure which ones, but I can definitely hear it) and I have to reboot. The monitor I use is the one I also use for my 360 and PS3, so I don't think that's the problem.

I wanted to update the BIOS since update F4 claims it "fixes VGA compatibility issues", but the problem is I never know when my screen is going to go blank, and I don't want the update process to be interrupted.

Any ideas?
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    Bad things can happen.

    Check the manual or Gigabytes support page for instructions on flashing through the BIOS or with DOS based software.
  2. Right, my plan was to flash through the BIOS anyway. My problem is that my screen can go blank at any time, and I don't want the update process to be interrupted.

    I guess my question is can I flash the BIOS without a working video card?
  3. I am having the exact same issue with the exact same card. I also want to attempt to update, but am afraid to do so. My plan for today is to go to a computer place and have them put in an older PCIe card that hopefully works and then update the BIOS that way. Hopefully then I will be able to use my new 4870x2.
  4. JFlash,

    I got mine to work by flashing the BIOS through a USB drive. In order to do so, I went and bought a $25 PCIE card from a computer part store near me and then updated the BIOS that way. Now I don't have any issues with the 4870x2.

    Installing XP on the other hand...
  5. With the newer cards on the market a bios update would be necessary with certain motherboards. I myself have to do it on a regular basis with certain boards, depends on the chipset really.
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