HELP bit off a lil more then can chew(building a machine)

ok im a lil stumped, i bought a barebone kit, 8800gt (zalman), and a -hs-fan, thermal greese.

i have the cpu (amd AM2 x2 6000+) installed and the -HS-fan( master cooler hyper hx2) is a pushpin does not look liek its gunna fit on the mobo(asus M2N-sli)...can i get a lil guidence, ty.

ill prolly need more help thoughout the day =/
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  1. Pushpin? On mine, when I put on the stock cooler, and my old 939 rig was the same, there were 2 brackets on the heatsink. There should be 2 almost like plastic square teeth on plastic piece where your heatsink is supposed to mount to the mobo. Then on your heastink, there should be a lever on one side. Loosen the lever as much as it will go, and the holes on the bar of the heatsink should fit over the plastic part on your board, then pull the lever down to tighten it. If your heatsink really is a pushpin, are you sure you didn't get the wrong one when you ordered? Because I think Intel's stuff is pushpin style, but not AMD's newer stuff usually. If you can't get it on, if you bought the chip as retail, use the stock heatsink, should be adequate if not overclocking. That's what I'm running my 5200 x2 on and it runs fine. Also, when you put the thermal grease on, don't use too much, I would say use about a small drop, and spread it on the top of the chip. I personally just ground myself and use my finger. Though a card works ok too.
  2. ok ty, yea the holes on the mobo are like in a rectangle pattern and the thing on the HSfan is a perfect square...i jsut wnet up to the local computer store and jsut bought a "foxcom" peice of junk till i can find a better one...ty
  3. Did the heatsink you ordered come with any other parts? A lot of the sinks will come with mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel. It might simply be a matter of switching the parts out.
  4. ok well i have the thing together however i can not mannage to get a video running the card in my system as we speek so thats not the issue. the fan on the card runs, all the other stuff runs the HD spinns up, the fan on the cpu at a loss of ideas, can i get a lil rmoe assitance pelase
  5. take your card out and boot up into bios, make sure that your bios option for display is set to pci-e. That or reset your cmos right off the bat. Good luck
  6. theres no secondary video, its a asus m2n-sli..=( any other ideas?....mabey somthing im forgetting?
  7. well i tried taking a pci card and useing it but it did not work
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