SATA Hard Drive Factory Full Capacity Restore - Vista 64Bit.

Western Digital SATA Hard Drive - 640GB Vista Home Premium - 64Bit Gateway desktop. Would someone know of any utility or method to restore a SATA hard drive's factory full capacity size? During partitioning my drive, it went from 595GB (640GB Drive) to only 32GB. Since it is a 64-Bit system, I can't find a utility to restore the drive's full capacity.
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  1. Are you sure you didn't put jumpers on the drive where you shouldn't? I don't know if current generation HDDs still have them, but HDDs used to have a jumper to limit the capacity to 32GB to be compatible with legacy LBA standards.

    However, you did not tell why you weren't able to create a larger partition. Does the disk get detected at being 32GB large, or 595GB?
  2. No, no jumpers. I have had it the same way since I purchased the computer in February. I was partitioning the drive, and after restarting, I could not recover the rest.

    Western Digital technical support could not help me. Such a shame that such a 'big' drive manufacturer cannot fix their own disk, not even with thier own utilities.

    This ( ) is awesome, but it is for 32Bit (used it and it's great).

    The BIOS and the disk manager detect it as only 32GB.
  3. You say you used "their own" utilities.... Did you in fact use their Data Lifeguard Diagnostic Utility???
    DL the ISO and burn it to a CD. Then boot from the CD.

    If you did, does the utility show it as a 32GB or 640GB drive???

    I find it odd that the BIOS even thinks its a 32GB drive. You usually need the jumpers on the drive set to have a drive recognized at that size. And I don't think your drive has that. Just jumpers for 3.0 Gb/s or 1.5 Gb/s and Spread Spectrum Clocking.

    Anyway, have you read these links???

    Wow that's a big link... anyway it talks about the 32GB limitation.

    And this link....

    This link talks about using Data Lifeguard to set the full size. I believe if this helps, your gonna have to do a reinstall.

    ay, KUDOs to you TheDraac. I got the drive fixed. First I must have messed up the drive by using the Western Digital Lifeguard Tool on their own drive - ironic.

    Now this was what happened. The links you sent me, the first one does not apply to me. The second one does, but I had to work around it. Using the Lifeguard Utility, I did what I had to and checked the BAs. My Native MAX LBA did not match my Current MAX LBA, and I did not know how to change it. I set, in the BIOS, the drive to LBA and the system got up to 137GB. Then I ran the Acronis WD (Western Digital) Edition (free) to check the integrity of the drive. It showed me the following partitions: 32GB, 137Gb and UNUSED 144GB. I opened my Easeus Partition Master to check the drive and found all the full size - it gave me more than the factory, it gave me 610GB instead of the 595GB for a 640GB drive.

    Am so excited! Thanks for all your help here, I really appreciate all your help and time. You have a wonderful weekend.
  5. hmmmm sounds like a zero write/boot and nuke could have fixed that
  6. Good to hear you got that sorted.
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