Need help with reinstalling Vista on new HD

I'm going to be getting a new harddrive 640gb, and I want to transfer everything on to it from my old harddrive 160gb along with all the drivers/programs/profiles etc etc without having to reinstall everything.

I'm using Vista Ultimate SP1 and I was wondering if there was a program or a preset in Vista or anything that could do that.

Anyone know if this is possible?
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  1. You need to make an image of your HDD

    Use Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image

    Make image, just like the games ISOs, and "burn" it back on your new HDD

    Don't try the Copy & Paste because it won't work since Microsoft blocked it, plus the Boot Sector won't be copied with the data, so you won't be able to boot you OS from the HDD
  2. You can also use a free program called DriveImageXML or you can even go to Western Digital's website and download Data Lifeguard Tools and clone the old drive to the new (also free).
  3. Ooo nicee Thanks for the great info guys Much appreciated

    Cheers ^^
  4. Acronis has a free utility to do it for you. migrateeasy 7 is a full version with a 2 week trial..
  5. I like Acronis True Image, it allows you to make a clone of a hard drive, no need to create an image and then write it to the new drive.
    Seagate has a drive migration utility based on Acronis software on their site that's free.
    Lots of free goodies out there.
  6. So first I should...

    1. Install the new HD. Make a clone of the old hard drive on and put it on the new hard drive(since my old HD is 90% full)

    2. Then Burn the clone on to the new harddrive? How do you burn an image/clone? Sorry not sure what that term means kinda new to this.

    3. Then what?

    Sorry for the trouble, I just don't want to mess up my harddrive. I don't need to change the master/slave pins right? I'm using x38 mobo so SATA cables.

    PS. Does Acronis True Image Home Trial version work fine or would I need the full version to pull it off?

    Thanks again for the help guys ^^
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