EP45-DS4P problems with PCIe

Firstly, i recently got this motherboard after 18 months on a p5whd-deluxe (asus) which, as you would know if you have ever dealt with Asus much, has all bios settings pretty much ready for you out-of-the-box. So moving to gigabyte suddenly and having to configure the BOIS almost from scratch was a change for me. It took me about 2 months to figure out how to remove intel speedstep cos a 1.6ghz e6600 is kinda... crap.

Anyway... My PC is as follows:
2GB corsair TwinX PC6400
gigabyte EP45-DS4P
620W CM real power (modular)

I had an 8800Gt before i upgraded, but the moment i installed the drivers for it (after upgrading to this new motherboard), my PC would freeze on windows startup. After about a week of trials and over 30 XP installs, i figured out it was just happening after i installed the drivers (yes the drivers were fine, i tried over 5 copies, all of which worked on other PC's). The card is fine, it works on other PC's too.

So i had to give away my 8800GT to my brother cos it simply would not work, and had to buy an 8600Gt which works fine. They use the same drivers as you know, so the only difference? The 8800GT requires an extra 6 pin power connection where else the 8600GT does not. BIOS settings are fine i think, and the PCIe slot is set at 100 watts.

Does anyone know why this is happening? The PCIe cable is fine, i've even tried a different "port" on the PSU and another cable but the same thing. the PC works fine even with the 8800Gt, except that the drivers cannot be installed. also with the drivers installed, safe mode works fine.
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  1. You NEED to update your BIOS. The default BIOS has issues with newer video cards.
  2. the motherboard is about 3 months old so i just assumed that the BIOS was up to date. now i must admit that i have never updates a bios before, i have the newest one and have extracted it, there are two .bat files and i ran the one called "autoexec". that ran then closed, so is it done or do i need to reboot and change something in the bios or what?

    i do appologize for the stupid questions, i'm not new to this, as i said i've just had experiences with straight-forward "user friendly" motherboards previously so the BIOS is a dark and mysterious place for me.
  3. You'll need some way to flash the bios, those bat files won't do it. The easy way is to use Gigabyte's @BIOS software. You can get it on their site. Some people complain and say they have problems with this program but I use it and have never had an issue, I've flashed the bios 3 times since I got the board in March. Anyway, the other, harder way, is to download a flash utility (i think you can also get this from Gigabytes site) and then create a boot disk to boot into a dos based prompt to run the flash utility. I prefer @BIOS, regardless of what others say. You just need to make sure you do NOT turn off your pc or try to stop it in the middle of the flash. Besides, I think Gigabyte uses dual BIOS roms, so it may not update until you reboot anyway. Who knows.

    [Edit]: Oh! come to think of it, I think you can download the BIOS ROM to a usb jump drive and flash it from within the bios itself. I don't really remember how it works.
  4. well i got the latest @BIOS and made a backup of my BIOS... but every time i try to update my bios is keeps failing. I tried manually downloading the BIOs and letting @BIOS download the latest itself. no other programs are running, so i have no idea what's stopping it.
  5. load the BIOS file onto a flash drive or FAT formatted drive, reboot.
    Instead of booting normally, boot into the "Qflash" utility (included on the motherboard). Instructions are fairly straight forward from there.
  6. I used the Qflash utility, and it finally updated successfully... but now every time i boot up, my PC restarts about 3 times before finally working. If i check BIOS once it finally boots, it says that it was caused by a problem with my overclocking settings... but all of the settings are on auto - i'm not overclocking!
  7. First, NEVER flash BIOS from windows - many many have reported errors doing this. Always flash from BIOS. Some may get away with it - but why take the risk. It's like playing Russian Roulette.

    Second, If you are having trouble with current Gigabyte boards, I recommend going to tweaktown.com where they have a Gigabyte forum to provide free technical support for their motherboards, graphics cards and other products!


    I had memory timing issues on my P35-DS3L that I could not resolve and posted on their board and got a response within 2 hours - on the 4th of July. There are several moderators - if you get lsdmeasap, tell him hello for me. He was a lifesaver for me. Helped me tweak memory timings to make my memory work properly.
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