BIOS randomly drops keyboard support?

Didn't really know where this should go. This problem is really frustrating me. I just recently bought a Gigabyte ma790fxt-ud5p and a phenom II 810... Here's my problem... When I go into the BIOS whether I am attempting to overclock or even just turn off floppy support the BIOS will literally just drop keyboard support. I can't be certain if the BIOS is freezing but all I know is that the lights on the keyboard just shut off. I have done this with PS2 and USB (enabled in BIOS of course...) keyboards. I will just be browsing the menus and all of a sudden it will just stop taking keyboard input. Does anyone know what the hell could be going on? I really want to OC my phenom but I cant even browse the damned menus!
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  1. Could be a power instability or something... can you try using another wall socket? failing that, another power supply? What's your current PSU anyways?
  2. Clear the bios by removing the battery for 30 secs.
  3. Bios F4 deals with keyboard problems.
  4. Ive been overclocking, so I have been resetting the bios regularly to no avail. I bought an antec earthwatts 500w PSU. I thought that was a pretty good PSU?
  5. It might not be the PSU actually... unless you've tried another and everything worked fine?
  6. I realized that I had the first version of the bios, three have come out since then so I updated and now it is fine.

    *Actually says in the update notes that "fixes usb keyboard issue" so now I have to figure out why it wont overclock now after the update.

  7. Link Link!
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