Thermaltake W0093 TR2 500W vs TAGAN 2Force II 500W which one?

Hi everybody...

As you see i want to buy new power supply.But i could not decide yet which one is better.So many people recommed me Tagan.I have asus p5wdh deluxe motherboard and i will make crossfire.So i need really good power supplys.Also i want to over clock my CPU a litle bit.(i have e6300)

I used some program and web sites about calculate the power how much you need.I entered my hardwares(some times i entered more then i'll add) and the result hasnt been under 500W.

Unfortunetaly price must not be so expensive:(I mean i look beetwen 90$ and 130$.

I trust thg and i wanted to ask you then buy:)Anyway if you use one of these power supplys pls share your experience and your ideas.Or if you have any other brand recommend also say to me pls:)

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  1. Tagan any day. Also, look into Corsair & Antec.
  2. Hi friends....Finally i bought new power supply.You see the topic and i was searching for tagan or termaltake.But i bought Corsair.(thx auscanzukus)

    I searched really so much.I mean i looked almost every forums,every web sites.I was just wondering which power supply is better....But i understood that after one week with searching;Actually every brand gives you what you need.Its like there are power supply groups.I mean good ones and bad ones...So many people looking for fan quietness,capacity,power supplys protectors,price and bla bla...I've seen that every brand gives you all of these...Just you should decide about the brand:)

    If you ask why i bought Corsair.Coz i found in good price.Also its 650W.Other brands have 500W~ in same price...

    Corsair tx 650 is a really good power supply.Its so quite and stable.Also its got 5 years waranty.I tested and it gave me what i need...

    Dont gonna be mad like me if you are about to buy new power supply.Tagan,thermaltake,antec,enermax and bla bla.I think Just look for which one is much more cheaper and much more reachable for you.
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