Water cooling with 1/4" id tubing/ (help)

hey everyone i recently went to a micro atx case any my water cooling kit witch uses 1/2" tubs now wont fit. my question is if i use 1/4" tubbing will it make a big difference? has anyone water cooled with 1/4" tubbing? what do you think good idea or bad?
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  1. also what coolant is best? i was thinking alcool or oil.
  2. Well about the best ive seen is the dex cool for car radiators, other car radiator fluid when mixed a little thin for car use works great plus it is UV active.
  3. What are your componets being used?

    If you have used 1/2 in the past, going to 1/4 is going to severly reduce your flow rates. Alcohol is not good with anything acrylic and you are better off with distilled water and PTnuke.
  4. danger den mc-tdx water block, black ice Xtreme II rad (2, 120mm fans), D5 pump. and fillport. i was also thinking that i might use 2 black ice micro II (2, 80mm fans) rad's instead, but thats only if i can't fit the xtreme rad. i've always used distiled water and it works freat so i think ill stick with that, i just wanted to try something new. by the way this setup will cool a phenom II 955, a hd4850(maybe 2 of them). ONE more question, is it worth it to water cool the hard drive?
  5. You are going to need more radiator surface area if you WC the video cards. Look for about the area of a 2x120 radiator for each CPU and GPU to effectively cool them.

    Hard drives don't need to be WC...just make sure you have a fan that blows over your HDD cage and that should be sufficient.
  6. You will need a total of 120x3 of rad space to cool the CPU and both GPU's. Why not drop to 3/8 ID tubing? Any less than that and your flow rates will cause higher temps I'm pretty sure.
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