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Ok. Hello from me after a long time :)

*If you dont understand the question or do not read what i ve done or at anyway out of topic do not post, reading tips like.."Is it on power?" are not helpful*

And there we start :)

I run a fresh install of Windows 7 (ulti) on a pc 5 months old.
-Monitor LG "Flatron" L225WS 22" (Tnx LG for no drivers anywhere)
-VGA HD-6800 (ATI)

The problem is quite simple: I went to sleep left the pc open for the duration of it (4 hours) I come back the pc was at 1024x768 resolution down from 1680x1050. I thought ok lets turn it back... but the option was not there. Instead a 1600x1200 resolution was. So i thought its ok... lets try this one. I click OK and then black screen and little blue message sayin that HZ are more like 75/60... i press ESC and i m back out of black screen to 1024x768.

The monitor is recognized as Generic NON PnP Monitor
Yes windows are updated
Yes latest ati drivers

What could happen in 3 hours i dont know. My browser was off (i left it on) so i guess it restarted in some point.

Yesterday i played games at that resolution and everythin was smooth.
Today that happened.

Any *real* help is extremelly needed and much apriciated i can assure you.

Thank you very much.
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  1. =================== F I X ===================

    1. Right click on yout "My computer"
    2. Properties
    3. Device Manager.
    4. Monitors
    5. Update Drivers Automatically

    Scan for hardware changes and then do 5 again *i just write down exactly what i did*

    6. Restart PC

    End of story. I hope. Such stupid Microsoft thing to recognize all the time the monitor.
  2. GG took you less than a hour.
  3. And yet again after shuting of the PC next day it starts Cant recognize my monitor. tried what i thought it was the Fix... nothing happened.

    NO idea or whatsoever what is wrong. It cant be drivers (updated) its just something needs to be fixed cause it works perfect untill 1 day it does not. then gets fixed somehow. Its a bug i m sure of it.
  4. Try removing all your GPU drivers (there are utilities out there to completly remove them from your system) then have Windows install the generic driver while you go get the latest version to install. It's more than likely a problem with your graphics card drivers than monitor drivers.
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