Gateway LCD FPD2275W driver issue

Just built new system and have a Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor . As soon as I load the NVIDEA driver for my graphics card the screen is blank. When I remover that driver the monitor works. It appears this is a common issue in the past but I have found no corrections.

Gateway has no driver for Vista 64 and this monitor.

I loaded EXTune and that did not fix the problem.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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  1. There's a long list of posts here of people who had the same problem, maybe there's something in there that'll help:
  2. Thanks, it did help.

    Have return process underway to get rid of nVidea POS and get another vid card.
  3. There's a HD 4870 somewhere in a store waiting for you :D
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