How do I restore the lcd screen on my dell vista xps mi530 laptop

Hello, I read on the forum notepad that some of Tom's members are having trouble with their dell vista xps mi530 lcd display's. My problem is that if I bye-pass my xps m1530 dead laptop screen with a free standing monitor, then I get 100% laptop attention. Is it likely that any other component may be responsible, other than a screen replacement? Please help me friends
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  1. The screen requires three components to be working, any one of which could need replacing:

    The screen itself (of course).
    The screen backlight.
    The inverter board.
  2. Hi phil 22, Thank you for your advice regarding my broken Dell M1530 screen. I hoped that my problem was going to be relatively simple to resolve, however, now that there may be several difficult areas to consider I will set aside my ambitions to self repair and request a repair shop to do the necessary. Thank you for responding to my appeal for help, good luck, Rayb :o
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