Svchost exe hdmp is virus issue ?

Hello, recently updated XP from SP2 to SP3. Then in a few days, maybe 2 days, started getting "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has problem and needs to close. also found that this was being created while I was checking out Windows/sys32/svchost.exe, svchost.exe.hdmp and svchost.exe.mdmp and both had a size of 0 kb. I have run both Malwarebytes and Security 360, and did a new install of Avast anti-virus. A whole day of the virus checking from bootup and the only thing found was "D4.tmp" in temp folder and Avast called it a virus. Deleted it. This got all started because of the Crashing win32 service and trying to go to WindowsUpdate to update XP. Could not get to windowsupdate, said the site was busy or not available. Don't usually use IE but when IE was started, got a second web page, and didn't click on anything. Went to and again got a second web page without clicking on anything. Went to the Windows XP page and then to the link for IE8, and clicking on that link directed me to a whole differnet web page.

After a day of trying to find the problem and a fix have had no luck and continue to get the Win32 servc crash notice and still can't get to WindowsUpdate to update XP. Malwarebytes no help, IS360 no help, and Avast only stops some bad URL's from hijacking the web page in IE. Using. Had to used a different browser to get to the page for this issue on Tomshardware, cause when clicking on the link for this page using IE and Google, got redirected to a different Page, telling me that Svchost.exe.hdmp is find and dandy and why would I care to know anyway. HuH ?
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  1. Go Start then Run and in the Open box, type cmd /k tasklist /svc then hit Enter. Right click anywhere in that black form and scroll to SelectAll then hit Enter to put it in the clipboard. Post it back here so posters can see what's going on in the the SVCHost department.

    To sort out the IE connection problem, go to Tools then Internet Options?Connections tab>LAN button and take the two ticks out of the Proxy boxes that some piece of malware has put in. Tick "Automatically Detect Settings, click Apply and OK your way out. Restart IE and you're back on so check MBAM for updates first then restart the system into Safe Mode before scanning.

    Any doubts after that, please post the MBAM logs back here.
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    Run through the malware guide in my signature.
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  4. Thanks for both replys. By the time of the replys I chose to reinstall win xp. That did work. It was a pain but solved the issues. I had previously use the Tasklist cmd but it was of no help. The malware guide did have good pointers and the only one I have not previously tried was the CWshreader. Thanks again for your input. Auggee
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