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After downloading a game, I found out I needed Microsoft DirectX SDK to make it work. I downloaded it but now it's telling me:
There is not enough free disk space on drive C:.

The amount of free space required on the drive is 1, 124, 040,704 bytes.

The space currently available on the drive is 612, 560, 896 bytes.

I've tried getting rid of as much as I could on my computer (Microsoft XP by the way) but it didn't make much difference. And I really don't have much at all on it either. im a 16 yr old blonde girl and i dont know what to do ! :/

Please help! :(
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  1. First, use disk cleanup to free up temporary and other unneeded files. Start button>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup.

    Second, make sure you have service pack 3 installed (316.4 MB), if you do not get it here and install it.

    Third, go here and download the 571.7MB file from MS. Then I would delete whatever file you were trying to install, and install the MS file.

    Post reply to let us know if you got it installed.
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