Please critique GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3P, Q6600 system before I order.

I'm going crosseyed researching all this. I think I'm ready to whip out the plastic. Can anyone please tell me if I'm heading down the wrong path with any of these components.

I'm not a gamer, but I do video editing and lots of Photoshop/Illustrator work.

GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3P intel p35 chipset ATX form factor 2xPCI-E(x16)/3xPCI-E(x1)/2xpci/4xddr2 w/sata2 raid,lan(gb),1394,usb 2.0 & audio (cpu type:intel - socket 775)

CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 2.4G (1066Mhz)

CRUCIAL 4GB DDR2 800 (2GB x 2)

WD 150gb raptor x wd1500ahfd 10000rpm 16mb SATA-150 3.5" w/crystal-clear lens (retail)

APEVIA x-jupiter jr g type (black) mid tower no power supply 5x5.25 2x3.5 3x3.5(hidden) w/ see through side windowfront USB connector & 120mm case fan x 1

LITE ON LH-20A1L-06 20x superallwrite SATA+lightscribe (black)(retail)

LITE ON DH-16D2P-04 black 16x-dvd/48x-cdrom internal eide (bare drive)

Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HPV1 GeForce 8800 GT 512MB GDDR3 256-bit PCI-Express Zalman VF830 2xDVI-I / D-sub (Retail)

OCZ / PC POWER & COOLING S75QB silencer 750 quad (black) 750w atx 12v nvidia sli / 80 plus certified rohs w/ active pfc power supply

It totals about $1100 from Mwave. I'm looking to stay a few steps away from bleeding edge and hit the sweet spot of performance/$.

Thanks in advance for steering me out of harms way.
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  1. why do u need a 8800GT fi your not gonna game. any dedicated will do.
  2. pcgamer12 said:
    why do u need a 8800GT fi your not gonna game. any dedicated will do.

    Yep, 8800gt is more expensive than you need to spend if you don't play games. It's still good value though. Might come in handy if you ever get bored one day. :p
  3. Good point. I'll look into downgrading the video card. I'll I want is dual DVI and pref. NVIDIA since I may do an XP/Ubuntu dual boot.

    I doubt I'll get into gaming. I can barely make it half way through the first level of WII Resident Evil IV. The guy with the chainsaw always gets me.

    Thanks. You just saved me money already.
  4. Nothing wrong with anything you picked. You could tighten things up a bit in a couple areas.
    Gigabyte HD 3450 video card $42 Plenty of GPU for the tasks you'll use the computer for.
    Corsair 450VX power supply $75 (plus $10 rebate) Lots of extra power even if you stick with the 8800GT video card.

    What were your thoughts on the LITE ON DH-16D2P EIDE DVD as opposed to another SATA optical drive?
    Plan on using the 2nd optical drive for disk to disk burning? You can get better performance using the hard drive as your source for DVD burning.
    You can extract the ISO image of a CD/DVD, even create an ISO image of files going to a CD/DVD, to your hard disk and then burn the ISO image to a disk. The software to do that is even free - ImgBurn

    Saw your XP/Ubuntu dual boot plan so change the video card to 8600GT $50 after rebate
  5. LITE ON DH-16D2P EIDE DVD??? Good catch. I'll fine a cheap SATA optical drive.

    And yes, the 2nd cd/dvd reader is just for convenience. When I burn/copy stuff, I'm not too concerned with speed. Going disk 2 disk saves a step.

    Thanks for the rest of the tips. Savin' more money by the minute.
  6. I would look into getting a good CPU cooler, Zalman 9700 or something like that. This will give you better temps when you want to overclock. I was underwhelmed by the performance of the Q6600, it really starts to become impressive when you're heading towards 3GHz. You may never want to overclock but still it's worth investing in a better cooler anyway.

    I agree that you don't need the 8800GT for what you will be doing, go for a cheap nVidia card with dual DVI. I think 500-600W would be enough for your system so if you could get a better quality PSU for the same price as the one you chose that would be a plus.
  7. The PSU is also way overkill.
    You only need that with 2 Very High End CPUs.

    The Corsair 450w will easily handle any Single GPU.
    (Except some of the high end X2 CPUs)

    Upgrading to the Corsaid 510w or 550w you could handle any single GPU.
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