Hard drive constantly revving up and down

I have a WD SATA drive that I have been using for about a year now and somewhat recently it began making a periodic revving noise. The drive revs up once every 1-3 seconds with the revved up period lasting no longer than 1 second, it starts when I turn on the computer and doesn't stop until it is shut down. I am currently running an AVG scan to make sure, but I have already run a scan since the problem started so I don't think that there is a virus doing something in the background that I am unaware of. I have tried monitoring the File System Activity and Process and Thread Activity with ProcessMonitor, but the only process that is writing anything is AVG at the moment. I have also defragged my C: partition to no effect.

I have had quite a few hard drives die on my in the past, but none have done this before so I am hoping that buying a new drive is not my only option.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the problem?
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Check for spyware and trojans filling up your disk.
  2. Check if the free disk space is diminuishing.
  3. Are you sure it is the hard drive? Normally a HDD will rev up on start-up and stay at operating speed for a long time. It may shut down after a period of no use, and later rev up when called back into use. But what you describe - rev up, stay at speed for only a second or two, then shut down and repeat - sounds like a completely failed HDD. If that were the case, I would expect you to be writing about a disk that does not work at all, or takes an incredibly long time to find anything.

    My computer sounds a bit like this recently, but I'm pretty sure I know why and how to fix. It is not the HDD's, which are pretty quiet. It is the case and/or CPU cooling fans which are under automatic control to speed up when the internal temperature rises, then slow down as temp falls. I need to open the case and clean out the dust, both internally and in the intake air foam filter sheets.
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