Which of these cards is the best?

I am buying a laptop and I want one with the best graphics card, but not an insanely expensive one

my options are:

8800M GTX
Dual 8700M GT
Dual 8600M GT
9500M GS

I can get the 9500M GS laptop for about $800 less with same specs as the others so keep that in mind. I would just like to know how they compare. If I am going to spend the full $2000 on a laptop i might as well get the best graphics card.
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  1. The 8800M GTX is more than twice, in some cases probably more than three times, as fast as any of the others.

    edit: If you really want to game on a laptop there is no way around the 8800M GTX right now. Make sure to see if the Laptop manufacturer offers regular driver updates as those can be a real hassle. Two friends of mine have gaming laptops (one with a 8800M GTX and one with a 8800M GTS). One is from HP and the other one from Nexoc and both companies are horrible at keeping their drivers up to date. If you are lucky you'll get an updated driver twice during the live cycle of that laptop.
  2. Alright thanks!

    The 8700 and 8600GT are in SLI mode though just so you know. If I remember correctly two 8600GT's came pretty close to an 8800GT in desktop land.

    Anyone else have anything to comment about these cards?
  3. 8800 gtx even the mobile version is pretty strong, compared to the mobile versions of the 8700, 8600, 9500, even in sli its not worth it IMHO....

    just go with the 8800gtx M b/c even sli, isn't all that great, I assume you will be playing at a resolution of 1280*1024?

    Give more specs maybe even the links of the laptops and there offerings and we can help you further...
  4. here are the config. cores of those gpu's:


    8800gtx M, 96:28:16
    8700& the rest, 32:16:8

    as you can see that even the 8700m is still to weak of a card to actually be considered for any decent gaming laptop rig....
  5. 8800M GTX.
    8600M GT or 8700M GTSLI suxors.
  6. thanks everyone!

    i will be getting an Alienware or Sager with 8800GTX!
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