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So, I've got an Asus A8N-32 Premium (with bundled sound card not working and my own modifications) with Athlon 3200+ and I want an upgrade.

I was wondering about getting an Asus P5K-E with Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz. The price I need to fit in is about 150-170 pounds.

Do you think it'd be a good upgrade? Are there any other motherboards or processors I should consider?
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  1. If you can fit it in look at the P5Q Pro Asus's new P45 board.

    If that does not fit the budget, look at the Gigabyte DS3L.

    Get the E7200 over the E6550 if you can. 45nm >>> 65nm.
  2. My maximum budget is 200 pounds.

    Gigabyte DS3L can have only 4GB of RAM installed - regarding to Amazon, I need at least 6GB.

    P5Q is quite hard to find in the UK, only on Amazon, for about 100 pounds.

    E7200 is too much for my budget I think.
  3. Why do you need 6GB of RAM? Just curious?

    The DS3L supports 8GB of RAM per Gigabyte specs:
  4. Well, I have 2GB currently in my box, and I am going to get extra 4GB.

    It's going to be all-in-one system working for a server, games, movies, downloading, etc. etc. So yeah, I will be using these 6GB for sure :bounce:

    As far as I can see, Gigabyte is almost the same as ASUS, except the Wi-Fi, which I do not need.

    So let's say I buy DS3L for 50 pounds, which leaves me with L130 for the processor. I can get E7200 for 100 pounds, so can I get anything better for these 30 pounds extra?

    E6550 >> 4MB L2 cache
    E7200 >> 3MB L2 cache
  5. @OP: What OS?
  6. I wish I could use Linux, but I will be forced to use XP (girlfriend -.- )
  7. How much is the E8400? Its around $200 USD. If you can get that, would be great.

    I hope thats XP 64-bit otherwise you won't be using that 6GB of RAM.
  8. E8400 looks great.

    About Windows XP 64bit... I could get that, but what about the compatibility? Will everything work just the same as on XP 32bit?

    If not, then I can save up buying 2GB extra.
  9. XP 64-bit had some problems. I don't know if SP3 address this. XP Cannot access more than 3.5GB of RAM (32-bit)
    The best idea for 64-bit is Vista.
  10. yeah, but I just can't handle vista. I think I will stick with 4GB of RAM for now, or maybe force my GF to use linux? ;)


    vista 64bt vs 32bit
  11. What do you mean "Just cannot handle Vista?"
  12. I meant I really really don't like it.
  13. the tech-recipes link is way out of date, jan 2007.
  14. bejb: ok- SP1 really makes a lot of things that were bad in Vista better. But i respect your choice.

    XP 32-bit than 4GB of RAM
  15. Still, Vista is not an option for me.
  16. shadowduck said:
    XP 64-bit had some problems. I don't know if SP3 address this. XP Cannot access more than 3.5GB of RAM (32-bit)
    The best idea for 64-bit is Vista.

    Most of the problems are driver problems on both Vista/XP x64. As long as your printer,etc have x64 drivers you should be fine. I run XP x64 on all my CAD/editing based rigs and it works fine. Also SP3 is not available for XP x64 yet.
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