Mini-ITX Case and PSU suggestions

So I will be building a mini-NAS sometime soon. I don't plan on doing anything complicated, just 1 3.5" SATA hard drive. I am pretty sure I will use this Intel Atom combo, but if nessescary, I have another AMD wishlist made up.

I am looking for a good, small mini-ITX case that will go with the Atom board. I don't really see much hope of this coming from the Egg, as they don't have a bunch of choices. The only one with 5 eggs does not come with a PSU, and I have heard a lot of stories about how hard it can be to find a PSU that will fit well/easily in a micro-atx/mini-itx case. If anyone can find an alternative to the Atom proc/mobo/, please tell me. My entire budget for this NAS is around $300-$350, maybe $400 to stretch it.

I am thinking just 1 500GB drive, and a DVD reader in case my OS disc is a DVD (I don't have it with me right now.) I am also getting this RAM:
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  1. no i think your going about this wrong, i better option would be to build a system as cheaply as posible like a e2*** on a g33 board put in a m-atx case, with no added graphics and no optical drive. then install freeNAS onto it. dont waste money on a OS for a small file server. any money you save and be reinvested into a second HDD for RAID, to get some reduancy incase a drive dies.
  2. I love asking questions in forums. It's so awesome when a person doesn't answer your question and then talks about what they would do. Hey at least someone answered I guess.
  3. I have to agree with the "build your own" suggestion if you're worried and nitpicky about the ps. Most of the stuff is throw away at the low end, and many folks won't wait for an rma warranty claim. I look for stuff in craigslist and wait awhile to offer a lower price. I found a nice black htpc case for $30 that sold for $70 new; hardly any wear and works with any size atx or itx board. I highly recommend the ocz silent stealthstream 400w power supply for it's virtual silence and 140mm fan. Great for sound and video recording.
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