NEW system...problem with getting video signal

-Tried- mobo-ASUS- M2N-sli series----gxf-XFX- 8800gt zalman edt.-alphadog edt

reset of bio's
unplug/plug in
using the "tv" plug on the back of the mobo its one that looks "yellow"
switching the ram around
useing another mobo...(for some odd reason i got 2 of the mobo's)
switching the PCI-e slot

*i took the 8800gt and put it in the system im useing as i type...ran benchmarks on it...runs fine*
*since the MoBo has been switched out im almsot certin that its not the cause*
*for some odd reason the DvD-rom drive in it is also no working*
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  1. PSU?

    Make sure the AUX 4/8 pin connector is plugged into the motherboard.
  2. yea i did that and still i cant mannage to get a vid signal =/ ty i forgot that one..
  3. by the way thankyou for the super fast responce
  4. well i have not tried another psu..i dont have another that will work for the system unless i take the one off my current build
  5. Take it to a computer shop locally, some with test your PSU for free in under 1 minute with a PSU tester.
  6. ok will do ty
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