Trouble opening folders/files from old laptop hard drive

My windows laptop had some system errors and had to take the hard drive out to make sure i could backup all the information from it. I got the external case and attached it to my iMac running Parallel Windows XP. I am able to see the hard drive and open it up w/o any problems.

Initially clicking on the hard drive, i could see all the folders w/in. Afterwards I am able to click on the main user of my laptop. Here also i am able to see the files and folders that exist but access is denied to all folders except for My Documents for the user. It says "access denied" when i try to open other folders.

In addition, I am able to see all the files w/in My Documents folder but unable to open any of them.

Do i need to put in my username and password somewhere to access all these files? If thats the case then where do i put in this information???

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  1. "Access is Denied" error message when you try to open a folder
  2. Thanks...that solved it !
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