My hard drive stoped working

Hey guys, i dont know why it keep happening to me but for some reason my main hard drive doesnt get detected. Last night everyting was fine, i turned off pc and went to bed. Now when bios loads, it gets stuck on System check(Foxconn Blackops), debug come is 75 which is IDE devices(the only IDE device is my cdrom). After about a minute it lets me into bios and on device list my main(os) hard drive isnt there.

My case was closed so I took it out, no strange noises, no clicking..

any ideas?

Hard Drive info: MaxTor DiamondMax 22 STM35000320AS, 500gb 7200
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  1. Check the data and power cables.
  2. Clear the bios and try again.
  3. Connect the HDD to another PC, if the other PC don't recognize it, your HDD is dead.

    If the HDD works in the other PC, connect again BUT in another SATA port, with another data cable and power cable.
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