My Phenom II X3 710 Oc First Test .

i Bought my Phenom II X3 710 from newegg for 100$ with HD4830 VGA combo
..and this is my system specs ..
CPU..........Phenom II X3 710 2.6GH
RAM ........CORSAIR TWIN2X4096-6400C5......800MHz

and this is my best try with it
from BIOS

HT Link Frequency = 1.8GHz
CPU Clock Ratio = 13X
CPU North Bridge Freq = 9X
CPU Host Clock Control = Manuel
CPU Frequency = 240MHz
Set Memory Clock = Manuel
Memory Clock = 3.33X
PCIe Clock = 100MHz

So i reach 3.120GHz on Stock Heatsink and voltage :sol:


and this is highest Voltage i Test ..1.49V and 3.185GHz

and 3.2GHz but was no stable
any one know if i have reach higher speed with this CPU AND MOBO ..
OR 3.120 is it Limited on air :sarcastic:
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  1. Theres no answer to this question it all comes down to trial and error.
    Theres a lot to take into account for example whats you ambient temps.
    Try increasing the multiplier untill you crash, then back the multiplier off and increase the voltage, then increase the multiplier again. Keep repeating this process until you reach your desired tempratures. Once you know the max cpu speed.
    Back off the multiplier and slowly increase the NB speed until you reach the speed you reached in the cpu multiplier testing. But make sure you keep the HT clock speed close to its default setting by backing off the HT multiplier.
    This is the answer to your question.
    Please PM me if you need any help.
  2. When the PII X3 710 (2.6 GHz stock speed) came out, a lot of people posted oc results for the new AMD cpu, claiming to have
    reached 3.6 or 3.7 GHz on air. This sounded really cool so I got me one of these.

    My personal experience says that these are really decent cpus, but they can't go that far without watercooling at the least.
    I think that these procs really top out at around 3.120 GHz on air (or maybe we were both unlucky and we both got a low-performance oc'er). I believe it is no coincidence that I too cannot go stable above that same 3.120 GHz and I have already replaced the stock cooler with a Xigmatek Dark Knight. I have also added another 12cm fan on the Dark Knight in pull mode to assist the Xigmatek push fan.

    I've managed to run the system @3.250 for some time but it wasn't flawless. The system could go on operating for more than 24 hours without any problem and the other day it kept on BSOD'ing.

    Airflow is rather good in my case (Antec P180) and the multipliers have been lowered so that HT is kept under 2 GHz and memory is kept under 1066MHz (OCZ 2 x 2 GB DDR2 1066MHz @ 2.1V). The PSU is a Thermaltake Toughpower Q Fan 650W and the graphics part has been assigned to a BFG GeForce 8800 GTX OC. The motherboard is a ASROCK A790GMH/128M (790GX - SB750). The platform was expected to operate at a 3.2 - 3.5 GHz range.

    Unfortunately that was not the case.

    The good part is that the certain mobo unlocked an extra core and that gave me a PII X4 10 at 3.120 GHz, at which speed it is absolutely reliable and runs flawlessly. An extra core which transforms the processor to a quad PII X4 and a 520 MHz overclock is a satisfactory outcome.

    These specific cpus aren't that much overclockable (at least not as much as they were hyped about), however they are very decent performers even at stock speed and they could provide you with an extra core as a bonus which adds even more value.
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