q6600 not running full speed on asus p5q pro

hi, recently built a pc with the asus p5q pro mobo and the q6600 cpu with G0. in both the bios and CPU-Z, it says its running at around 1.8ghz not the rated 2.4. i thought that by putting a load onto it, that it might increase it. i ran fsx with sp1 installed and the highest it hit was 1.9ghz. is this to do with asus's epu thingy thats on this mobo? i uninstalled it but cpu still wont go to 2.4ghz. when building, i ensured i was properly grounded and components did not come in to contach with moisture/get wet. please help me!! all help greatly appreciated :D btw other components include-antec three hundred case, corsair tx650 psu, corsair 2X2gb ddr2 6400 800mhz ram, liteon sata dvd drive, wd 250gb sata hdd.
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  1. You have Intel's Speedstep enabled. Disable it in BIOS.
  2. thankyou very much, worked a treat :D
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