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I just busted one of those stupid plastic push pins on my heat sink. It still works fine with three, but I have been seeing people talkin about the Xigmatek with the screw in bracket thing. Got me thinking about how i could mod my Arctic Freezer Pro 7.

I was wondering if you could find some of those screw anchors that you use to anchor stuff in walls could be placed into the holes on the mobo, then find screws to screw through the holes. The further you screwed it in, the more the anchor expands and the tighter it gets. Would need some real short anchors though since my mobo isnt that high off the back of the case. And probably some durables plastic screws and anchors would be needed to ensure there is no zapping of components.

Just wondering what people think about this idea. Seems like it could work. Would have to be able to get the push pins outa the heat sink somehow though...
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  1. I haven't tried it, but I think this would be a better alternative to your butch job. You may need washers between the screws and the HS holes if the holes are too big or to pick up any slack from screws that might be too long.

    Thermalright LGA775 Bolt-Thru-Kit
  2. While it may work "fine" with only three, I can assure you that it works much better with all four, and you should probably try to fix it as soon as possible. But it seems like that's what you're doing.
  3. theyre cheap buy a new one
  4. Not as cheap as a backplate.
  5. I should add, not as good either.
  6. A heavy hs should always have a rear bracket especially since most spend thier time perpendicular to a vertical mainboard in a tower that gets pushed and pulled from under desks. Mainboards aren't designed for this sort of stress. Speaking of idea's I don't know why hs manufacturers don't use some sort of chemical like they do in automotive valves to quickly wisk away heat, maybe a small water pump combined in the hsf unit, because I always wonder if the fins at the very top do much work.
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