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So I have decided to build a new PC, mainly for gaming. I don't have a very high budget, and I have a monitor, keyboard ETC. This is also my first build.

Just for reference, I am from Australia so you will get to see the price differences first hand!

CPU - Dual Core E2180 $89
CPU Cooler - Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro $49
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L $129
RAM - 2x Patriot 2GB Sticks $110
Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda 250gb $75
DVD - LiteOn DVD Burner $35
Video Card - Gainward 8800GT 512mb $249
Case/PSU - Antec NSK4480B /w 380w EarthWatts PSU $109

Total - $849

While there are parts cheaper at other sites you may find, I live near Scorptecs base so I will not have to pay shipping on my order.

There are a few questions I have.
Firstly, is the combined cost of the PSU and Heatsink worth it, or should I just get a better CPU and not overclock it?

The motherboard. Seems a little expensive to me. I'll admit I'm new to the system building game and I don't quite understand the difference in some of the features on different motherboards. The thing that drew me to this one was the 4 RAM slots so in the future, if it is needed I can upgrade to 8GB of RAM.

The memory. It doesn't say that it is dual channel, however I just assume that placing it correctly in the RAM slots will make it so.

Finally the case and psu. This is the same case that Tom used in his $500 gaming build, and after some research I found that PSU has a very high amperage for only 380 watts. So my 2 questions relating to this are, will that PSU be enough for the system and also, will the 8800GT fit in the case as I have been led to believe the 8800GT is larger then the 8800GS used in Toms build.

I am open to any suggestions of changing parts and anything of the like!
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  1. Deleted as it be pointless what I posted.
  2. Sites like Newegg, Tigerdirect and the like do not ship internationally. In addition to the huge shipping fees (which would probably run over $300) there are also things like customs fees and the differences in taxes to consider.
  3. Ahh my bad, I didn't think about that, I keep that in mind.
  4. well doesnt seem as much of gamer pc. i wouldnt go with some pos e2xxx series. if your budget is so low build an amd system at tha price point u have a pos anywayz witha 8800gt so might as well save on mobo and get an amd system . cus either way its not much of a aming rig. if that was the case just buy one at a retail store and stick a graphic card in it and get a new keyboard and mouse at the same time. a budget pc is a budget pc what ever ghc card u stick in it :)
  5. (1) CPU/HSF $138 combo vs CPU ~$138. I saw the C2D E4600 2.4Ghz for $149 on your shopping site. IMO the only way to recommend the E4600 would be if you also got a HSF to allow some overclocking. Otherwise the E2180/AC Freezer 7 Pro OC'd to 3.0Ghz is the best bang for $Aud.
    (2) It does seem a little on the expensive side. You might want to try comparison shopping the prices in different stores & e-stores. The biggest prices difference %-wise seems to be the $49 AC Freezer 7 Pro vs the $27USD price we can find. With the $AUD worth more than $USD at the moment you think you'd see a better price?
    (3) You'd want to look for 2GB Kits vs buying 2 sticks seperately. The $75 2GB Patriot kit is out of stock ATM but you could get Corsair XMS 2GB Cas4 $75 and that $35 savings can be put to good use! [:wr2:5]
    (4) Case/PSU/8800GT I visited the Evga website and looked up the size of the 8800GS - its identical in size to the 8800GT @ 9 inches. And there was plenty of extra room in the case at the video card as well - see photo below.
    EVGA recommends 400watts and 22Amps for the GS and 400Watts and 26Amps for the GT. The EA380 PSU can provide 27Amps. I think you're good to go with the case, PSU and 8800GT. You'll want to be careful overclocking both the CPU and GPU, but I think you'l be OK there too.

    After saving $35 on RAM should you get the E4600 CPU upgrade? IMO the only real difference between the 2 after OC'ing would the E2180/1GB L2 cache and the E4600/2GB L2 cache. I think you might as well stick with the E2180. The only thing I'd suggest adding is an extra case fan.
    AC Arctic Fan $13

    Apart from shopping around, doing prices check, etc I think you're good to go.

  6. Thank you for the informative post.

    Just one thing though, your a little off on my ram. What I have is 2x 2gb sticks, totally 4GB. Your link is for only 2GB. I think you just got your wires crossed! The cheapest 4gb kit is this Corsair Kit, for an extra $15. If that will undoubtedly be better I would definitely pay the small difference.

    The exchange rate and cost of the parts is also something I noticed, I don't understand it myself but thats the way it is.

    The extra fan is a great idea that I didn't think of, gets quite hot down under in the summer.

    As for the OS I have a copy of 64bit Vista I can use, unless you would recommend 64bit XP over it. I'm sure one of my friends has one of those I could use.
  7. Just bumping this for some more input, already on the 2nd page!
  8. get vista 64 almost all the issues have been worked out driver wise etc.
    wow prices are really different, can't get a US$550 for AU$800
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