HELP! System will not boot :(

Hi guys,

I just assembled a brand new system with the following:

Asus rampage formula X48 DDR2
Zalman Ultra CPU Cooler
Intel Q9450
OCZ Reaper 2x2GB PC2 8500
WD 500GB HDD 7200RPM
Cooler Master ATX12V 600 Watt Silent power supply.

Thought I would get the system up and running untill my GPU gets here. But the damn thing will not boot!!! All I get is blinking onboard power and reset buttons. Cant seem to find out what that means online or on the manual. Note these are the ONBOARD buttons. System fans are not working either, not even the cpu fan.

I disconnected everything and now only have one dimm, the cpu and the power and reset buttons installed, still same problem!

I really am hoping I dont have to reinstall the CPU. I got all this in a Cooler Master case and installing the Zalman cooler was a royal pain, both hands bled and dont want to go through that again.

Please help!!! Any ideas?

Thanks guys.
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  1. Dont know if this makes any diff but the reset CMOS button on the back panel has been blinking as well. Pushed the hell out of it, the onboard power and reset buttons and NOTHING :(
  2. did you connect all the power buttons. on most mobo you need the 24pin power supply and also an extra 4pin. check if you haveall the cables plugged in to mobo and vga. see if ram is properly connected. same thing with processor.

    also first disconnect any other devices, usb, esata that you are not using. to post you need psu, mobo, cpu, ram and vga.

    did you install the mobo correctly on standoffs?
  3. what video card is in there right now....?
  4. You should have assembled the CPU/Heatsink onto the motherboard outside of the case, (the cooler would have been much easier to install) inserted 1 stick of ram, the GPU (don't know why you are trying to boot without a GPU, you cannot tell anything without it) hook up the power and monitor, see if it will boot from there. The reason for this is because so many new builders do not mount the board correctly in the first place. So check the board and the basics before you put it into the case, save yourself some trouble, like you are having now.
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