Windows 7 doesn't boot after overclocking

I was fiddling around with some overclocking on my MSI 790GX-G65 mb and AMD Pheonom II Tripple 720 Black Edition. Got it on a stable 3.2Ghz, and wanted more, So I tried 3.6Ghz and sat the NB on 2.6Ghz, this didn't boot, so I increased the voltage on CPU and NB to 1.135 (I think), and it spent a long time booting, and when it finally booted it didn't boot Windows. Now it wont boot even on stock settings.

Anyone got a clue to what could have happened? Is this a Windows problem or a hardware problem that I caused with my "not-having-a-clue-what-I'm-doingness"?

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    Try resetting your BIOS to defaults. Failing that, reset the CMOS. Either may clear up any conflicts you may have created.
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