SSD 60gb with 500gb HDD problem

Hi All,
I just got a new system running windows 7 64bit RC. But my problem is with the storage setup.
I have a 60gb SSd with the os on it and a 2nd 500gb HDD. My problem is all the things like 'user' and 'Program Files' etc are all on the SSD and all new programs etc go on the SSd also by default. So its filling up extremely quickly while the HDD hasn't been touched. I have move the Page File to the HDD but left 1gb on the SSD for page file. I really don't know what
I'm doing just guessing based on what I have read or been told in the past.
Help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Welcome to the forums!

    It is pretty simple to change the location of your user folders, even simpler to change the folder in which programs are installed.

    Go into your 'My Documents' folder and Right Click => Properties on the folder whose location you want to change.
    Look for the option to change the location of this folder, I believe it is on the last tab.
    Setting the folder location somewhere on the 500Gb drive will cause all data in the folder to be stored there.

    As for the Program Files.....
    When you install a new program/game, change the installation directory to somewhere on the 500Gb drive.
    You may have to select 'Advanced Install' or something similar to do this.
    IMO, this will somewhat defeat the purpose of the SSD.
    Best is to keep the Os and Programs on the SSD while all the data is stored on a standard drive.
  3. gkay09 said:

    Thanks for that the Program Files one did what i wanted it to do, i just dont want to fill the 60GB SSD and leave for he OS and selected program's.
    For the user data one will that one only work for new accounts created after i make the changes?
  4. ^ If I am not wrong, I think it is for the user accounts created before making the changes...Check those steps 1-5.
  5. ok, i seem to have things sorted now.
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