Crysis on just-finished build

Hey guys.

Just finished ordering the last parts for my two-months-in-the-making build. My specs are in my signature, but just in case:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.7 GHz/1.13v (stock cooler w/ Arctic Cooling MX-2) - 300 MHz x 9.0 (1200 MHz FSB)

Gigabyte G31M-S2L

4 GB A-Data DDR2-800 @ 900 MHz

EVGA GeForce 8800 GS 384mb - I will keep it at the stock frequencies (I have a 300 watt PSU with 19 amps combined on dual 12v rails)

Seagate 7200.10 250 GB hdd

ASUS Vento mini tower

I had several questions.

1. What settings will I be able to play Crysis on (maintaining at LEAST 20 FPS)?

2. Will I have any problems with power or amperage on my 300 watt PSU (note the reduced voltage on the CPU)?

3. How does the 8800 GS perform vs. an 8800 GTS (G80)?

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  1. 1. I'd say maybe medium, i don't know for sure.

    2. You might, i would definitely get a better PSU. Even if you don't have problems, it's always better because you should never skimp on a PSU, and it will leave you open to future upgrades.

    3. Who cares? They are both terrible compared to the 8800 GT or the 8800 GTS 512 (G92). Your crysis framerates would go up dramatically if you used the EVGA step-up program to go to either one of those cards.
  2. Agreed! power up a bit! let say 450-550W from corsair.
  3. You paired a Q6600 with a 8800GS and you wanted to play crysis.. Interesting.
  4. ^exactly what i was thinking

    what resolution are you playing at, it makes a big difference
  5. gators1223 said:
    ^exactly what i was thinking

    what resolution are you playing at, it makes a big difference

    well im sure he can play with good res but with some filters turned down low. like i do atm. with a 7950 gt
  6. I will be playing at either 1280x1024 or 1024x768, depending on settings.

    I know the 8800 GS is a weaker card, and that it probably does not fit a "Crysis" build with a quad-core, but I got a deal on the Q6600: $135 brand new. In addition, I am not what you would call a "heavy gamer." Four cores are great for multitasking, and the 8800 GS offers excellent price/performance (especially considering how heavily it can be overclocked - then it performs on par with an 8800 GT).

    I am a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to my hardware right now; I will probably grab an Earthwatts 380w or a Corsair 450 VX eventually, but as long as my PSU can function I will be fine (I won't be overclocking the card until then).

    I have been reading that people play a mixture of high/medium settings @ 1280x1024 without AA and pull down 30-40 FPS consistently with this card. It is supposed to perform on par/better than a G80 GTS at 1280x1024 or lower, and I am happy with that.
  7. Your 300W are working at around 250-290W right now, so..a little too tight ,the room you got there mate.
    Where do I got the feeling that your psu is something you have kept from your last system.
    How old is it? Don't forget to count the components degradation if it is too old, specially if it is a cheap psu.
    I think it would be very wise if you bought a new one, if you still love your new system.
  8. correction! your pc works around 210-270W. Still to tight.
  9. Actually, that calculator says that at MAX I will draw 250 watts and 14.8 amps... and that is with an 8800 GT, which will draw more power than a GS.

    I have 300 watts rated, 350 peak, and 19 amps on my 12v rail.
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