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I've a 3.5" Gigaware IDE Hard Drive Enclosure. Win XP seems to go through the motions of recognizing this new device without any complaints and even lets me 'safely remove it' but in My Computer there is no sign of it being present. I initially, with the laptop running, plugged in the device USB to the laptop then turned it on and then I also, leaving the device running, rebooted the laptop. Nothing seems to be working. Is there some way to mount the drive via a command prompt, of course I'd need to know 'where' it is, e.g. the path. Anyway any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
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  1. "I've a 3.5" Gigaware IDE Hard Drive Enclosure" you don't say if you have a hdd in it.
    Assuming a hdd is installed, first you will need to create a partition on it then format it, before it can be used. You do this in the Control panel under Disk Management.
    Is this enclosure powered?
    A laptop may not be able to supply enough power from a single USB port to operate it. Enclosures for laptops can come with dual USB connections for extra power.
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