Problem with HIS 3850 Ice3Q

Hello all,

I'm currently having some difficulties with my video card, HIS Radeon 3850 Ice3Q, that was bought 7 months ago. The card had no problems what-so-ever but has started acting up about 2 weeks ago. It only occurs when I'm gaming for quite some time and then a green screen with columns of green stripes across my entire screen. Everything freezes, even sound, and there is no Text, so I'm not sure if this is called the Green Screen of Death. Its occurring very frequently, whenever I game for a bit.

So I'm wondering if anyone of you know what the problem is here? I'm suspecting overheat, but then again the fan is still working... I tried re-installing drivers, but it didn't quite solve the problem =.=
I'm just leaving my case open at the moment and lowering the graphic qualities in the Catalyst Control Center.

Any thoughts or opinions?
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  1. Well if its happening after a long while gaming then heat is probably a good bet. What sort of heat is it getting up to? It will tell you in the overdrive section of teh CCC if you didnt know.
  2. Yes I have hear of that issue, so what is the brand of the video card company, If it's HIS then the drivers for the card might be the issues because that has happen to me once and my card was only a week old then the card driver and software lock my mobo up then I try to restart my PC, it also cause my PSU to go back as well not sure how but it did.

    My best bet is to make sure your Tower has enough cooling for the video card or go buy a cooler fan for the video card that has nore than 2500-to 4500RPM, Also make sure that the tower itself has some good cooling fans that are more then 2500RPM. This might be another help if you don't mind spending a few more bucks, a Panel controller for your fans, why you say? well you can control the fan speed and make it run like it should run.
  3. Well I tried running a game for 20 mins and the temp got up to almost 70 degrees Celcius. I'll try running the game longer later today and see what temps it can get up to.

    Actually, I'm using ATi drivers. The CD that it came with directs me to an ATi site to download their drivers. AS for my tower, its an Antec P182, comes w/ 3 case fans but they're set to low atm. Is there anyway to speed up the GPU fan? Cuz in the advertisement, this card says that it's cooler than stock ATi cards.

    The funny thing is that I've used the card for 6 months then problems started to appear.
  4. Since its been working fine for 6 months l would check if the card is clogged up with dust , remove it and give it a good clean and see how you go.
  5. After another month of usage...card seemed to work fine after giving it a good vacuum. The problem appeared again once a couple of days ago and I don't think it can get clogged up again this fast. I've even kept my case open for the past month.

    Cuz it was ok for the first couple of weeks after cleaning...but to my surprise it happened again and was very surprising to me. I thought HIS's Ice Q line has the best coolers on these card??
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