Acer Aspire 6930 says battery not charging


I've just fitted a new battery to my Aspire 6930 (Vista). It's definitely charging (slowly), but both the system tray Icon and the Acer ePower utility says it's not. The battery is identified by ePower as a Sony Li-ion AS07B42, and I went through the calibration process - ran computer until battery completely discharged, then on mains until fully charged (which took about 10 hours), but all the time the OS seems to think it's "not charging".

ANy ideas as to: i) why is charging so slowly; ii) why the software seem to think it's not; and iii) how to correct these problems

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  1. Bad battery would be the first though. Is it a real one from ACER or a cheap ebay Chinese purchase? Check for a new version of the software if it's a real ACER battery. If it's a cheapo, that's about what you would expect from those. If it works, and seems to run OK, ignore the utilities.
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