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I'm looking for a video card. It is interesting to find that some high-end cards have lower GPU clock and memory clock than those low-end cards. For example, card #1 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130317) has both lower GPU clock and lower memory clock than card #2 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814260063). But the price of card #1 is much higher than that of card #2. So my question is what defines video cards' perormance?

Thank you if you can make me clear.
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  1. First card is an 8800GTS where as the second is an 8600GTS, yes the second card has higher clock rates but half of the bus size(128) where as the 8800 has 320. the 8800GTS is is faster. some one correct me if im wrong but bus size is like a measure of how much data is able to be transfered between the GPU and main board. So the bigger the bus size is the more can be transfered. Its like a high way, the 8800GTS is a 8 lane highway, where as the 8600 is a 4 lane highway. Obviously the 8800 willll get more people to their places faster.
  2. Comparing clock speeds on different video cards is like comparing apple to oranges. Performance should be measured by the FPS of a card in a given application in relation to other cards.
  3. So, to answer your question. . .
    You should look up benchmarks for whatever you plan on doing and then comparing different cards.
  4. Exactly as they said, but as per 8600gts/8800gts example: the 86gts only has 32 shaders where as the 88gts have 112 or 128, therefor making up for the slightly lower mhz and offering waaaay more performance.
  5. X Double post
  6. There's just so many things to look in when comparing 2 cards.
    The best way is to look at reviews and then compare.
  7. Sorry for X double posting. But I did search the topic and found nothing. Porbably I'm a new guy and don't know how to use the search here.

    Thank you guys for answering my question.
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