Help OC'n i7 920

Hi I need help with overclocking the core i7. I can't wrap my head around any of the guides so I just want to know if someone can give me some help getting to 3.8ghz..

right now I have a core i7 920 D0 and 1600 OCZ ram 7-7-7-24

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  1. You need to tell more about your setup.

    At best I can tell you, to get 3.8ghz you'll need to change the bclk to 190. Keep the memory mulitplier at 8.
  2. Ok here are the specs
    Corsair HX 1000 W PSU
    Core i7 920 D0 stepping
    EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard -
    OCZ 1600MHZ Tripple Chan ram CL 7-7-7-24 | PC3-12800
    EVGA GTX 275 Vanilla
    Noctua NH-U12P cooler w/ MX-2 Thermal Compound

    How can I overclock the ram to get it upto or close to the 1600mhz ? it's set right now @ 1066. it is 1.65v ram.
    What is bclk? and how does the memory multiplier work ? and what about uncore ?
    And would I leave Turbo on or turn it off ? and the multiplier would I leave it at 20x?

    Thanks alot
  3. Read your manual and read the stickys and guides.

    Ream em again until you understand.
  4. Or you could just save me some time by answering those questions which is all I am asking.
  5. You should probably go over Shansmi's guide for EVGA X58 and i7 920. It will explain exactly what each item is and what it's used for.

    If you read over the guide and still don't understand what bclk is, you should not be overclocking.
  6. Alright thanks alot.
  7. Best practices for OCing an i7 920 would be to Turn off Speedstep, Turn off Turbo, and set the CPU ratio to 20. Some people will say turn off Hyperthreading, but its a GOOD performance feature and I wouldn't want to disable it. You will get a higher clock, but you loose the hyperthreading ability.

    I would start by setting the vcore to 1.2v which is stock and seeing if it will boot with a BLK or 190 (190x20 = 3800MHz) If it does not, bump up the voltage to 1.25. If that runs stable and after stress tests, you can try 1.225v if that is not stable, stick with 1.25. If 1.25 is not stable bump up to 1.26185V or whatever it is.

    Personally I also set my Memory to use the XMP profiles. This set my vDRAM to 1.6, I believe stock is 1.5 and "max" for an i7 is 1.65 (per intel specs). I set my QPI to 1.2v which is stock as well.

    Just watch your temps using coretemp or something like that. I use OCCT 3.0.1 with custom settings as follows for an hour: Large dataset, High priority, Hyperthreading ON.
  8. Wow thanks alot for the info, I'll try that. My ram doesn't have XMP though and is already at 1.65v, it is 1600mhz ram but rated @ 1066, how can I increase it?
  9. ^
    Are you sure it doesn't? You would have to enable it in your BIOS
  10. Ok I've been messing around and have came to this -

    is there any way I can make the ram lower in the latency ?
  11. So did you have success with OCing the CPU?

    BETTER TIMING!!!! SHUT UP!. haha sorry. 7-7-7-24 is great timing. I have 8-8-8-21 timing and I was able to change from 2T to 1T timing, but that was about it. I start playing with the rest and it fails. I'd start by getting your CPU OC stable before worrying about your memory.
  12. Lol, Yeah I had success with OCing it, even upto this point -

    But with the timings at auto 9-9-9-24 (on 3.8 aswell), if I set it to 7-7-7 it becomes unstable at a point.
  13. ^
    I've read some of the comments posted on Newegg with this memeory and how some people can not get the 7-7-7 timing to work. OCZ's response was it does have issues with some memory at this timing. 8-8-8-24 would probably work and seems to be fine with alot of 1600 modules.
  14. alright thanks alot for the help
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