New Folder problems!

HI all, here is a doozy.

Windows Vista, Home Basic
I am unable to:
Rename a New Folder, no matter where I create it.
Restore a New Folder from the Recycle bin.
This only happens for New Folders, other files work fine.

No error message given, it just does nothing, or when trying to rename the folder it goes back to 'New Folder'.

I have tried:
Full virus scan with MSE.
Full Anti Malware bytes scan
I have removed and recreated $Recycle.bin on each of the 2 partition drive.
Renamed 'Folder Descriptions' key in the Registry and used the .reg file to recreate this entry, which is supposed to be the fix for unable to rename a new folder.
Home Basic does not have Offline Files, so its not that fix either.
Changed user profiles and the problem remains
Use Safe Mode and the problem remains.
Gone back 2 weeks in System Restore, no change.
I only have a 'Anytime' Vista DVD, which cannot do a overwrite system repair.

I suspect the Folder Description registry entry is missing something! - or someplace else in the registry.
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  1. Is the folder password protected?
  2. Hi,
    no password protection
    and I forgot to say I have also checked the security permissions.
  3. Since you say that you cannot do a system repair with the Vista disk, can you re-install the OS? I know that you will have to re-install all your programs if you choose this route.

    In any case backup what you have at present even though it is erratic; and save your files and folders to an external drive.
  4. Not really sure, I got no problems with my Vista Basic x32 but how do you Rename the Folder? You can right-click then Rename. There are some software add-ons that do the same thing but they are XP use only and not compatible with Vista.

    Perhaps if you go to the Explorer and select "Organize" then "Folder and Search Options" then choose something from there.

    "To restore the original behavior of your folders, click the General tab, and then click Restore Defaults."
  5. Best answer
    Solved it.
    Has an issue with Skype not installing, which pointed me to the fact I had deleted the user/public folder. Just deleting it also removed the registry entry.
    Once I did the following, I could also then rename the new folders!
    Locate with regedit
    If Profilelist does not contain a 'Public' key then you need to create one.
    Right click on Profilelist, select New, Expandable String Value.
    Name it Public, with a value of %SystemDrive%\Users\Public
  6. I'm glad I cam back to check the results of this Question, I got a heap of threads with Skype issues and your solution might actually be the remedy, that's why I've picked your reply as Best Answer.

    Happy Computing :)
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