Cpu overclocking

i have an amd 5600+
xfx nForce 730a MCP motherboard
western digital 160gb hdd
evga 9500gt 512mb
4gig crucial ddr2 400mhz
bfg 450w psu

i want to get it to 3.2ghz but bios says the multiplier is at the highest and i dont know how to overclock because bios doesnt let you change anything. I want to know if i can overclock from windows or change my bios?
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  1. You can try clockgen....its software but still it has pushed my AMD 4400+ to 2.6ghz so thats a 400mhz overclock and just brings me into playable territory for gta iv... :D

    I hate a locked bios so my options where and are still limited...this i have a system startup overclock of 2.6ghz :ouch:
  2. ok it does not let me change anything at all. is there a way to change my bios
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