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I just came across this today; I was originally using RivaTuner to control fan speed (since the stock fan controller on my 8800GTS 512 never increased no matter what load). The eVGA tool has an identical method of controlling fan speed without any special configuration like required by RivaTuner.

The eVGA controller has basic sliders for overclocking as well as a slider for fan control (w\ Auto fan option) which does exactly what RivaTuner was doing for me; increase fan speed upon increased temps\load. Also there is an option for on-screen-display of your GPU info while in a game (displays FPS, Temp, mem\gpu speed).

Sorry if this is redundant, I searched the forum and didn't find any threads on it.
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  1. Awesome bro , I just purchased an EVGA 9800GTX. I can definitely use this.

  2. roush2fast said:
    Awesome bro , I just purchased an EVGA 9800GTX. I can definitely use this.


    No prob dude. It certainly doesn't do as much as RivaTuner but it is much more simplified for an easy fan control and overclock.
  3. Well I just rebooted my pc and now the eVGA precision tool is keeping my fan at a constant 32% fan duty cycle even under full load. Back to rivatuner for my fan control :(

    It looks like the remnants of RivaTuner in memory were having an effect on the eVGA tool and keeping my auto fan control as RivaTuner was keeping it. After restarting windows and disabling RivaTuner at startup makes the eVGA tool not have any effect on fan control just like the drivers do, keeping it at 32% or so duty at load.
  4. I just got this eVGA precision tool, and using it with my 8800gts. I was looking all over for a tool that could overclock my card in Vista 64bit and could never find any even with all the latest driver updates.

    But this is the best tool that I have ever got. It easily overclocked my card and with the AtiTool running in the background scanning for artifacts you can easily overclock till you find the optimal speed. I got my card to 695mhz core when stock was only 513mhz and pushed the memory to 1000mhz when standard at 793mhz. This really boosted my 3dMark06 scores.

    Before I overclocked I was getting around 10500 and now I'm getting 12000+! Very pleased with this tool.

    The only down side is that you have to download it from eVGA's website and you have to be a member before you can download it, and eVGA likes to find the people hosting this program and go after them.

    I don't use the fan control speed since I use a Zalman ZF900 and with it at 100% all the time in an Antec 900 case I never see above 70*C.
  5. yep i use this to overclock and ati tool to artifact scan....evga 750i FTW+2x8800GT's overclocked with Precision = F T W !!
  6. My evga 8600gt has working fan controler but its not to my liking, it trys to do the following:
    30% fan at 70 degrees, 50% at 75 degrees, and 75% at 85 degrees.

    but when i set rivatuner to

    30% fan at 63 degrees, 50% at 70 degrees, 75% at 75 degrees, and 100% at 80 degrees.
    The two "fan controlers" fight each other for control and the I can hear the fan quickly jumping from high to low every 3 seconds. Question: Is about the auto fan based off of the nvidia bios, or an EVGA programer, or my preferences?

    To answer someone's question, Rivatuner 2.09 fan profiles have moved to the "Scheduler" tab, and apply fan speed on range (low temp - high temp) has been added.
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