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OK I'm looking for a case between 80-120 dollars US. These were my ideas in the but but if you have other add them in your post. I'm going to be on air cooling and I'd like to overclock a bit.It needs to be large enough to have all the components I need but not to large.
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  1. I've used antec for long time now, just becuase they have high quality products. I have the P182 case and planning on getting another one. My vote is Antec case.
  2. 900 has some great airflow. It gets my vote.
  3. I voted for the Tempest because I like it most, but with Antec 900 at $80 today at newegg that's a better deal IMO.
  4. I have the 900 and love it. All you need to do is clean it out once in awhile (a little compressed air). If you like the 900, and are willing to spend another $30, you can get the Antec 1200 ( - has it for 149.99).

    I was thinking of moving my rig to the 1200 for a little more room, fan filters, and better cable management.
  5. I love the cm690. cable routing is a dream.

    my only issue with it is that the power and reset buttons are awkward to push.
  6. I like the cm690 but i am left handed
  7. Even though I am currently using the 900, I took a good look at the CM690 and it seems a pretty decent product. In any case, I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  8. I voted for 900, although it is noticably loud with all the fans. jw, why is this in graphics cards?
  9. Good question - I had the same question, lol
  10. idk thought more people would look in here.
  11. peterpeter since it says you have a GTX260, could i have some benchmark scores, or FPS in games. Thankyou if you can because I'm interested in buying the card
  12. Sure, I'll try to post them sometime tonight when I get home. So far, i've played every game @ max setting with no problems and very smooth so far. (COD4, BioShock, Lost Planet, Grid, Assasin's Creed, just to mention a few). I'm playing @ 1680 resolution.

    Many told me to go with ATI 4870, but I want to do sli very soon so wanted to go nvidia.

    The bottom line is that i'm very very happy with this card. It's huge! but awesome!
  13. This doesn't belong in the Graphics section. Moving.
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  15. Nice of you to do this.
  16. You really should add in the Antec 300. No bling bling blue light show and great utility. Also cost less than the 900.
  17. thats not for the target budget, although what differences are there between them? barring the obvious lack of LED's....
  18. CoolerMaster 690. Much more refined and grown up than the Antec's "for teenagers and disco fans" appearance.
  19. I've not owned the others, but I really like my CM690, although I agree with the comment on the power and reset switches. That's why I set my BIOS to allow a mouse double-click to turn my system on.
  20. Thats my thought exactly about the difference between the Antec 300 and 900. The 300 is much more "professional" and "Grown up" looking (maybe that makes me old). The 2 function almost identical. I would want the 300 over a 900 even if it cost the same or a little more. Its not really about price its about function. Of course minus the "hey look at me, my computer glows in the dark".
  21. Antec 900 or Antec 1200 or CM 90 FTW!
  22. The only other thing about the cm690 is the plug in's on the top if your case sit's under the desk you need a little head room if you plug/upplug things alot but i like it alot
  23. I don't need glare or a side window, but I like the subdued deep blue of the CM690; it tells me the machine is on, but doesn't blind anyone in the room.
  24. I have the Enermax Chakra, and it's wonderful. The BAF on the side keeps EVERYTHING nice and chilly, to the point where sometimes I think about taking off my Thermaltake MaxOrb and replacing it with just a copper block. No need to have so many fans when the one 250mm can do the job just as well.
  25. Antec900...
    Ive used one for about two years, roomy and keeps the gear cool.
  26. Antec 900... Ah, ah, ah, ah Stay'n Alive, Stay'n Alive...ah, ah, ah, ah Stay'n Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvahiiiiivahiiiiive oooh yeah ooooh. ...a little disco there for you young folks. :pt1cable:

    Given the choices... the CM690, again, and again.
  27. Antec Nine Hundred.
  28. If you buy an Antec 900 case do you get one of those car alarms that talks to you for free? :P
  29. ANTEC P182
    You can put a lot of components in there and still have extra storage space for your fishing gear.
  30. I have 2 Antec 900 cases.....I think they are awesome....I'm OC'ing my E8400 with my fans on low, it's quiet and it still keeps everything cool.

    The only thing that glows blue in the Antec 900 cases are the 2 fans in front and the 1 in the back.......[sarcasm]so it would be impossible to change them out with fans that didn't glow.......except for Antec will send a thug around to break your legs if you don't use them![/sarcasm]
  31. Tough to beat this Antec 300 deal for $63 and free shipping at
  32. RC-690 is sometimes $30 cheaper than the antec 300 and boy is it way better! antec 900 is fugly... stupid lines. 300 looks nice but lower on features than the RC-690.
  33. V3NOM can you be more specific about how the 690 is "way better" than the 300? Im just curious, I like the 690 too but it is not my first choice of a coolermaster chassis. Also with the 300 being $60 -$70 ($59.99 at Microcenter not on sale) where do you find the 690 for $30 less?
  34. I always "bust" on the Antec 900 for its aesthetics, but that's a personal matter of taste. From a cooliing perspective its a great chassis and since its so cheap, if it looks good to you and you don't needs something that's really quiet, it can be a big win.

    I've read that cable-management in it presents some unique challenges, but we like challenges, don't we?
  35. halcyon said:
    CoolerMaster 690. Much more refined and grown up than the Antec's "for teenagers and disco fans" appearance.
    Yes it is
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