Fixing OC BSODs on the ASUS A8N-VM CSM mobo?

My motherboard -- the ASUS A8N-VM CSM -- has been known to not cater to overclocking very well. Nevertheless, I changed the CPU FSB Frequency in my BIOS, the "AI Overclocking" was set to AUTO -- so I changed it to MANUAL (which gave me a new menu item called CPU FSB Frequency). Unfortunately, the value is limited to a maximum of 240 -- giving me only a fraction of a chance to overclock.

I've flashed my BIOS quite a few times, trying to see if different recent or older versions would help "unlock" the value. This didn't end up working, however. Though, after flashing, I also get a new "CMOS checksum bad" error on bootup which I can skip by and still boot up into Windows, so I'm guessing perhaps the BIOS didn't install correctly or something. (Though when I check my BIOS flash utility, it says it updated to the version I selected.) Oddly enough, the message hasn't popped up again since.

I've tried using the nTune software since my motherboard runs on the nForce 410 chipset -- so I thought it might be appropriate. However, nTune support is apparently "N/A" for my particular board. I ignored this and installed the software anyways, but -- of course -- it didn't end up working.

Another software overclocking program I've tried is ClockGen, the program itself seems to work fine, but if I push the processor a little more, my system BSODs. I think I read somewhere that increasing the voltage to the CPU can prevent this and allow me to overclock further. So far, heat hasn't been an issue -- the CPU stays at around 25 to 30 degrees C.

I'm curious as to any solutions for getting around this. Any suggestions?
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  1. Unfortunately, like you said, your motherboard isn't suited to overclocking. I'd rather you get a more suitable motherboard. Hopefully someone else here can suggest something.
  2. I have the same MB and the limit to OC the FSB is 240...
  3. nocteratus said:
    I have the same MB and the limit to OC the FSB is 240...

    Were you able to use a software overclocking program (such as ClockGen) to overclock your processor past that value?
  4. In this case, the 'limit' is the nForce 410 chipset, which (Im assuming here, have not researched) is incapable of exceeding a bus speed of 240 Mhz.

    The first rule of overclocking is to purchase quality components that are able to exceed specifications.
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