Webcam appears on screen then ads

The word Webcam appears on my screen then my browser(Chrome) starts and loads tab after tab of a webpage for Logitech webcams. Taps continue to load until chrome crashes. Only then can I regain control of Chrome and the computer. I've tried all the usual antispy tools but nothing finds what is causing this. I do have a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse. Anyone have any ideas??
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  1. Just having the hardware shouldn't be SPAMMING you. You likely have some sort of infection. Try running through the malware guide in my signature.
  2. Tried so far
    Advanced System Care
    TrendMicro Housecall
    Ad Aware

    I've cleaned a lot of computers and have never seen anything like this. The word "Webcam" appears on the screen in large letters the browser starts etc as I described.

    Its a real conundrum.
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    Did you run the scans in safe mode? If not, and there's already an infection, the scans are basically worthless.

    If the system files are infected, sometimes safe mode isn't enough. Then, you need to slave the hard drive into another computer, and scan it as a slave drive.

  4. If you didn't see anything untoward in the 04 entries of your HJT log, it might still be worth looking in msconfig>StartUp for whatever causes this to load with everything else, and unticking it when you've noted it's target file. ATF Cleaner finds things CCleaner leaves behind and Spybot has an effective file shredder if you can't get Permissions to bin the offending files. and respectively.
  5. I finally got rid of it with Ad Aware. I think? I was trying to clean it remotely so getting it into "Safe Mode" was problematic. Ad Aware found one file in Docs and Settings and when it was removed the problem stopped. I've seen a lot of strange things cleaning computers over the years but nothing like this.
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