Core i7 920 & TRUE 120 Extreme 1366 - advice needed on supplied fan

Looking at getting the TRUE 120 Extreme. Looks like Thermalright is selling a 1366 model only with a Thermalright FDB 1600 rpm fan (with Fluid Dynamic Bearings). I've seen some good review on this fan as for being really quiet

I've had people suggest the V8 (huge) or Titan Fenrir (where to find and what cost?), but there seem to be a lot of others at the same time who swear by the TRUE.

Either way, most likely will go with the TRUE. If I add another similar fan for a push/pull configuration, should I get a similar 1600 rpm one, or should I get the 2000 rpm one (same cost)? In that case, which one would be used for pull versus push? Is there a benefit of hiving a greater RPM fan for push or for pull?

Here is a link to these FDB fans by Thermalright:

I've read many reviews about other brands of fans, but would like to know if anybody has tried these Thermalright ones and get some opinions on these as well.
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  1. I have the original ThermalRight 120. I use two identical Scythe S-Flex 1,600 rpm fans for a push pull effect. The exhaust fan mounted on the rear panel of my pc case is also a Scythe S-Flex 1,600 rpm fan. Very nice airflow. Performance is excellent. I don't know anything about the ThermalRight fans.

    Using two different fans in a push pull configuration is not a good idea. The fans will be out of sync and cause air turbulence. You want a smooth even airflow over the heatsink cooling fins.
  2. Thanks JohnnyLucky! That's great info. I was not sure if having more pull or more push would provide any advantage, but if turbulence would be an issue, I can just get another (identical) 1600 RPM one. These FDB fans pretty much have the same specs compared to the Scythe S-Flex you are using, regarding airflow and noise. I was just not sure if 63.7 CFM was enough.

    Since you have the original 120, did you do any lapping? I've heard many recommend this while others say the few degrees difference is not worth the time. Just curious.

    For others reading this thread, anybody out there bought the TRUE 120 for the 1366 socket with the included fan. What's your opinion related to noise, temps,...?
  3. Right now I have my system in a CoolerMaster HAF 932 case. I'm just using the large stock fans that came with the case plus the two Scythe fans with the 120. I also replaced the exhaust fan on the rear panel with a third Scythe 1600 rpm fan.

    Yes, I lapped the cpu and the heatsink. I didn't have to. I am not a hardcore gamer into serious overclocking and mutiple video cards so a couple of degrees difference didn't matter. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

    For thermal compound I used IC Diamond 7 Carat:

    The combined results were outstanding.
  4. I'm using the Thermalight Ultra 120 Extreme RT1366 with stock fans. I lapped both the cpu & heatsink. The thermal paste I used was Artic Silver 5, I am now running my i7 920 at 4.0 ghz and the highest temp my PC seen at max load was 71c. Idle I'm running at 33c-36c.
  5. nickhoff, did you add a second 1600 RPM fan, or just running with the 1 that came with it? How is it noise wise?
  6. nickhoff - How does your idle temp compare with the ambient room temperature? Also, is there a difference between Summer and Winter temps?
  7. intel core i7 920 it´s very good but i like amd because it´s better on games and my amd P. II 955 beat 920!
  8. nickhoff: how did you measure the 'load' temps ? Very curious as I have the exact same setup (cpu/hsf/fans).

    1x Prime95 I get 69 celcius :)
    8x Orthos I get 88 celcius :(

    TRUE 120 is lapped but not the CPU, using whatever thermal paste shipped with the TRUE 120.

    I have another thread regarding load temps :
  9. I am about to instal a true, any tips that would help?
    It is going in an antic 900 with 2 fans, what's the best orientation ( antic 900 has a 200mm top exhaust fan), and I have as5 paste.
    Any tips would be good.
  10. I suggest putting 2 fans on the TRUE in a push-pull configuration towards your top fan, or whichever case exhaust fan is closest to the CPU. I typically aim for the top one since warm air naturally flows upwards.
  11. magnosis said:
    I suggest putting 2 fans on the TRUE in a push-pull configuration towards your top fan, or whichever case exhaust fan is closest to the CPU. I typically aim for the top one since warm air naturally flows upwards.

    I was Thinking alOng the same lines.
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